There are key elements considered by the Recon team when designing your order flow.

Matching the product pick order to the same order as the physical stock ensures a single-track process to pick the order without covering the same floor space more than once.

The flow of the pick by weight and size as determined by its location within the package such as heavy products on the bottom of the carton or the pallet optimises the packing time and ensures the integrity of the package.

Designing the process to optimise the order picking time which is determined by the number of products per order and the total number of orders for the batch enables the removal of any non-beneficial time-consuming steps.

The design of the order pick makes a difference to the fulfilment cost per order and Recon makes a point of refining this process until our team is sure it has reached the optimum turnaround time to pick the order.

Packaging choices are critical to the freight cost of your orders, the safety of the order in transit and the image projection of your business. Recon’s team have the knowledge to select and stock a range of packaging to make sure your orders are the lowest cubic dimension, lightest and strongest whilst presenting a perfectly packed order to your customer.

Materials are stored as a stock keeping unit in a clean organised facility with on line access to stock levels and reorder alerts based on manufacturing or wholesale turnaround time.

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