Technology is important for efficiency and accuracy in a warehouse and it must be supported with a secure, fastidiously clean environment that is well organised and equipped.

Recon is confident in our Clients’ satisfaction with our ability to meet this standard.

Only through technology, security, modern storage techniques and good management can your products be stored and your orders delivered in full and on time.

We are committed to maintaining an environment; one which our team is proud to represent which includes:
  • Safe steel racking compliant with Government regulations
  • Strict business rules regarding storage, stacking and staging
  • Procedures and business rules for Occupational Health and Safety compliance
  • 24 hour back to base and management monitored security cameras
  • Stringent recruitment processes including police checks
  • Daily and weekly professional cleaning of warehouse
  • A flexible custom built system to manage Product Inventory, Management Reporting and Order Processing.
  • An ability to interface its system with shopping portals, customer systems and carrier systems
  • Friendly and co-operative liaison with Carriers to ensure your orders make their way through Carriers’ depots and transport without damage, tracked to delivery point.

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